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2013 Vancouver Fashion Week: Eva Chen

published by asingh on Tue, 02/26/2013 - 22:28
By: Aman Singh
Special to The Post

Vancouver’s very own Eva Chen has been around in the industry for just a short few years yet is already one of the most sought out fashion designers in North America.

Eva’s vision is to dress women in elegant, gorgeous and pretty clothes that can take you anywhere!

Judging from her designs this is exactly what he she does best.

Eva grew up in China with a very artistic family, dancing and drawing at the young age of 6. She later took these skills and furthered her education at Luxun Fine Arts University in China where she was able to hone her craft - since then she has traveled and lived in various locations around the world including Singapore, Los Angles, San Francisco, New York and Europe.

The young designer launched her first collection in 2010 and received strong local coverage for her unique twists on the cocktail dress and skirt suit.

Fashion experts have deemed her a designer who is not afraid to add in pops of colour or a stand-out sleeve creating not only clothing but pieces of art on the runway.

For more on Eva Chen in action or to catch her show during Vancouver Fashion Week’s Fall/Winter 2013 show go to www.vanfashionweek.com.